BMW MS41 - MS42 - MS43 EWS Delete Service Siemens

Regular price $79.99

Fix your EWS issues with this service. If your car wont start because you got a new key or the EWS module went bad, this is an easy solution to get your car back on the road. This is also a solution if you do not want to go through the hassle dealership fees to realign EWS. 

This is a service to delete EWS out of your current ECU/DME

Can also delete post O2's, raise rev limiter, raise speed limiter, add burble tune, sap delete, as well as other various tweaks. Message me or check other listing if interested in more than an EWS delete.

This listing includes the fee to delete EWS and shipping back to you of your ECU/DME

The DME is NOT included in the price.

If interested the steps below explain how this works:
1. Purchase the service
2. Upon receiving notification, I will contact you where to send the ECU within 24 hrs
3. You ship me your MS41/42/43 ECU (USPS Small flat rate boxes work great for the MS42/43 ECUS)
4. Once I receive the ECU, I will make sure the ECU functions and delete EWS
5. I will then ship the ECU back to you 

Aside from shipping the turn around time for me to delete EWS is one day.
Please note this is only a service.
Please contact if you have any questions prepurchase 

Note: Handling time is not actually 40 days. Upon receiving ecu it will be modded and shipped within 2 days