Siemens E46/E39 MS42 DME EWS Deleted (DME Included)

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Fix your EWS issues with this ECU. If your car wont start because you got a new key or the EWS module went bad, this is an easy plug and play solution to get your car back on the road. Works on 323 and 328 e46s



This is also a solution if the stock ECU malfunctioned and you need a new ECU and do not want to go through the expensive hassle of realigning EWS. 

With this DME/ECU you will no longer need a functioning EWS system to start your M52tu engine. That means this DME/ECU will be plug and play for any E46/E39/Z3 with an M52tu. This is also ideal for swaps into other chassis like an e30 or an e34 for example. It is a good way to work around a faulty EWS system. Also a good solution if you want to install a remote start system in your vehicle. Useful in track cars to save every bit possible and reduce electrical starting issues at the track.

This listing is for the EWS deleted DME only. Other options are possible through the link provided below.